Sony Xperia presents the evolution of Z which promises to bring the best camera on a mobile Android. Specifications and details of Sony’s new icon.

The Xperia Z was hailed by all as a great smartphone, but that does not mean that the community has found some drawbacks. To compensate for this, under the IFA 2013 , Sony introduced the Xperia Z1, a real evolution in almost all the improvement Xperia original Z and carries the camera to another level . Let’s see what offers to be a great candidate for the best phone of the year.

Improving key

The improvement over the original Z Xperia is remarkable: we are facing a moving faster, better screen, speaker, battery, and, of course, camera, continuing with the design of the previous model. Let Parts:
The improved screen, which is still 5-inch Full HD, comes on the heels of Sony Triluminos technology. Put simply, now has better brightness and viewing angles higher. Ideal if you use the phone a lot in the sun and want to see videos with people next door. Adding the multimedia section now the bottom speaker is clearer .


Completing subtle improvements is a faster processor (1.7 Ghz is passed to 2.2 GHz) quad core and a battery that runs up to 3000 mAh, significantly higher than its competitors.

The only section that loses a little grace is the design, since all previous improvements (and especially the camera on which you can read in the next paragraph) contribute to a greater thickness and weight , with more pronounced frameworks. But: maintains manufacturing quality tempered glass and aluminum frame. There is a high price if what you get is …

The best camera on a mobile Android

Yes, it sounds very overwhelming but the Xperia Z1 is clearly focused on the camera and the same people from Sony says this. How do they do it? For carrying several of their compact camera technology (how the RS Exmor sensor and BIONZ image processor) to smartphone and increasing up to 20.7 megapixels . The result is promising, if not take a look at the new features:

* Ability to make up to 3X optical zoom without losing quality.
* Very good pictures with low light and motion , thanks to the sensor and image processor.
* Social Live: You can broadcast what you’re filming live to your Facebook friends and see on the mobile screen that discussed in real time.
* Burst Time shift: When you take a picture, you have access to 60 images 1 second before and after that shot, ideal for moving pictures.

We will have to try it in detail to see if it fulfills all its promises, and as it is compared to the top-end Lumia actual referents pictures in low light.

Conclusions, dates and prices

The Xperia Z1 Mobile ends up being a very tempting, especially for the camera and improved a few things in the Xperia Z criticized original and the battery. We know that will be available starting this month , with prices to be confirmed. Know if reach Spain, but hopefully we’ll get lucky.