Want a phone with the same features as end caps but at half price? As the Xiaomi Mi3 is the best choice.

We know that from China are being increasingly interesting smartphones from manufacturers like ZTE or Xiaomi Huaweii or. Just enough to remind the Ascend P6 or Grand S and will know what I mean … price range stops at just a little above the average range. Well now Xiaomi who seeks to strike with effect that is probably the best mobile news in quality / price ratio : With you, the Mi3 .

Aesthetics and performance

In principle we are facing a great aesthetic moving slightly resembling the Lumia Nokia, being completely flat in front and back, and away from what they offer popular brands of Android. But after this elegant chassis hardware that hides can stand up to any S4 or HTC One : 5-inch screen (size, it seems, is becoming standard) with resolution Full HD , 4-core processor of the most modern and a camera with Sony sensor of 13 mega pixels are the most important specifications, along with a 3050 mAh battery rendition enduring all day. You can see full details on our chart.
An incredible price


So far there would be just another competitor (very worthy) in a village market heavyweights … But here’s the magic: it costs just 250 € , more or less what you get an S3 Mini, but with the difference that this is a real top model. Then .. What is the trick? Xiaomi? Very cheap cobra or the other manufacturers are expensive? It seems that a combination of the two.

The only problem I have is that for now Xiaomi does not draw its products outside China , but it is likely that in the medium term the company will encourage global expansion. And if that time comes, the better you to know what they have to offer. By now we know that its launch is coming at a price of 249 € for the 16GB model and 299 € for the 32GB. Xiaomi, in Europe you look forward to!