Contribution to the currently held fair “Wind Power in 2013” in Chicago with a view of the trends and developments in the field of wind energy.

Wind energy is becoming an increasingly important role in the world. Due to the different needs of the different countries are head of special resources on more and more wind energy. This could now be recognized at the fair in Chicago. The fair, which under the name of Windpower 2013 runs, is engaged in the wind energy and its long-term development in America. It also is the main theme, which is important in the U.S. and can bring the American market forward. Especially America would now be doing another part of the big projects with the emerging optimism to enlarge the market again.

Productions are newly collected

After last year 2012, a little a lot of turbulence could be seen, the production of Tax Credit (PTC) could now be continued. While this project is underway again from 1 From January 2014, but want to build more wind projects to develop wind energy can. Among other things, a wind farm has already been created, which was paid a sum of five percent of the actual project.

This means that in the years up to 2016 additional projects can be realized. Unfortunately, however, it must be expected that in the coming years, the U.S. market is a little break down after 2012. In 2012, namely a wind power plant capacity of 13 gigawatts per year was created. An increase of seven to nine gigawatts is expected there and thus beyond the ideas that can be built in the future.


Trends in America and Germany

America wants to be not only revive the market for wind energy. At the same time, German companies to invest in America and thus achieve that the United States once again can develop a little forward. The political conditions in America, but especially should remain stable or to be rebuilt in order to attract investors to invest in wind energy. Long-term projects and a continuous expansion of wind power is a permanent objective of the United States.

In recent years, AWEA and VDMA Power Systems had signed special contracts that have secured cooperation. German trade fairs and events should also support the projects and thus further increase a little. This process and this cooperation is to be realized in the future in order to obtain benefits for both sides, can have a positive impact on wind energy and on the American market. Nevertheless, the framework must permanently be right for Germany invests in American projects, thereby helping drive growth.