A year ago this part news on smart watches and bracelets in which different manufacturers have different uses focused solutions no longer appear. In this article, we will focus on one of them, the Smartwatch.

What is it?

A Smartwatch is a smart watch, which is normally connected to a smart phone or Smartphone (everything is Smart). Mainly it used to receive notifications and interact with some phone features like call, time, camera, music; but also it has some autonomous functions such as stopwatch, pedometer and heart rate monitor, which is also a good companion for sports.


Smartee Watch

Today most solutions come from the hand of the big brands presenting watches with proprietary software or with Android Wear mini version watches Google hovering around 250¤. However, there are also solutions like SPC through Smartee Watch a smart clock based on Android by 99¤.

What is the future?

In the coming months we will see significant improvements in these devices on their screens, greater autonomy, payments in shops, access to public services, airline tickets, train, are other utilities in which smartwatches will star in the coming years. As you can see, the options for these devices have great potential and its use depends on how you want to fit it into your daily activity. A good option to start to familiarize you with this product is that it is affordable to all budgets and all have at hand to test this technology.

Improve the use of email

To improve the use and be able to sort email there are a number of tips that we can follow. In addition, it also saves time and effectiveness. View all messages once. Today there are two major groups in the use of email: those who watch the mail several times a day and those who are constantly checking email. To not waste time and gain, effectiveness establishes two periods to open the mailbox.  No need to open the mail, just knowing the sender and subject, we can clarify them to read or delete.

Once we read if it is useless it is sent to the trash if you can answer in less than five minutes, you answer and if you need more time you have saved in the folder pending.  Then the question arises us when I answer the pending emails? To keep tidy and our wallets are made pending huge advantage to manage your spare moments. However, nonliving pending email since it is intended as a tool to help, not to torture.