Whatsapp share with Facebook the phone number of their users, as well as information about the frequency with which they use the instant messaging service. Courier Company, owned by Facebook since 2014, announced a change in its terms of use and privacy policy that contemplates the exchange of information between WhatsApp and social network. As a subsidiary of Facebook, in the coming month’s business will begin to share information that allows us to coordinate better and thereby improve the experience between services. This is a typical practice among companies that are acquired by others WhatsApp said in a statement.

WhatsApp users share numbers with Facebook

Thus, the social network will have access to the phone number that each user uses to verify your account Whatsapp, as well as data on the frequency used by the application including the last hour of connection. The service recognizes that other subsidiaries of Facebook, and Instagram, may also use the information Whatsapp for various activities as accounts suggest which follow. Users of courier may refuse to have their data are used to “improve experiences on ads and products but not that Facebook knows your phone number and activity patterns in Whatsapp.

At the moment we have no plans to share with Facebook other optional information you provide, such as status name or profile photo. Nor do we keep your messages after they were delivered says the company which insists that despite changes operate as a separate service. Furthermore, it stresses that encrypted messages remain private also; Whatsapp eyes and that will not sell, share or give you the phone number of users to advertisers. However, the connection of phone numbers with Facebook favor systems those users see ads from companies with which have already been reported previously.

According Whatsapp, these changes respond to their “plans to test alternative communication between users and businesses in the coming months and to reflect that you are a company owned by Facebook. Still, he has made clear that will not be ads on Whatsapp and promised that communicative experience with companies evade unwanted messages.