WordPress is no longer just a blogger system. Company websites, shop systems, and more are possible today. But what WordPress can really?

WordPress – The CMS

Who wants to operate their own website template today, the need of programming barely have a clue. There are many free content management systems (CMS), you must adjust itself, only the article and bring a little menu. But one stands out in particular CMS: WordPress. Companies also engage in more use of WordPress as a CMS. The many themes (design templates) leave little to be desired, and even then can be individually adjusted by a professional. The PHP-based application only needs a domain and a web space and away you go.

WordPress plugins – If it can be a bit more

With the small add-on programs, the plugins, WordPress can be extended almost limitless. Among the most popular SEO plugins are extensions, automatic backups, event calendar and photo galleries. But social media buttons are now almost of rigor. Of course, there is also a WordPress plugin for this. Also to the mobile users WordPress has thought. There are many updates and enhancements for mobile operating systems.


WordPress for the eCommerce

Also, the eCommerce has already conquered WordPress. Meanwhile, there are a number of attractive plugins. With them you can easily install an online shop on his website. But here it is a bit more complicated. Who wants to install a shop through a plugin that has to make some adjustments, so that the shop look to the rest of the site fits. Shop but such extensions are only worthwhile for small shops that do not need a complex ERP system. Because the interface to such programs is not yet very mature.

Private blogs in the coming

The classic photo album comes slowly out of fashion. Today it collects and shares his photos on private blogs or websites. Again, WordPress is the best solution. Because the different designs to fit the needs of the user. Whether photo blog, online diary or just a fun page, WordPress has the right theme. Most users get free design templates. But just here, particular care needs: many of the free templates are not updated and may be the next WordPress update does not work anymore. And who wants to save photos & Co. on the Internet, which should establish a solid data backup and test them regularly.

WordPress is a cheap and above all very good alternative to costly self-programmed websites. Anyone with a bit of leisure and perseverance, can quickly incorporated into the system. If you still have problems installing or using a plugin, then the members of the German WordPress forum to help you. A look at one of the many WordPress blogs also helps guide. WordPress is a simple yet complex CMS, but without the programmer, provide the WordPress available for free, the world of blogging & Co. today would not exist to this extent.