Phones, tablets, TVs and all kinds of gadgets that look amazing in the upcoming electronics show to look surprised.

We’re in a little quiet time as to the presentation of new gadgets, we’re alive and rich in rumors and previews of what is coming. It is one of the most important fairs of the technological world is near, the 2014 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) to be held from January 7 and where we give some surprises. Want to know what it will be interesting? Here goes:

Phones and tablets

There will be the focus of the show (for that we have the MWC), but it is worth illusions. Could Samsung introduce the Galaxy S5, with eye sensor and an even bigger screen. LG also rings with the Optimus G3, which is the world’s fastest mobile or a smaller version of the G2. Then we left Sony, which sounds a successor Z1 (Z2) with slight improvements, like something bigger screen and a better camera.

ultra-hd- -tv


They are classic characters, especially now with the race for the 4K. Since LG and Samsung showed us advance of their models with giant curved screen and 4K resolution. Another with big ambitions Stream TV is an American manufacturer who bring a 4K 3D TV without glasses. Yes, we are talking about real estate and TVs that will be very expensive. On the economic side, we would expect more mature Smart TV. For example the rumored LG TV with Web OS, the operating system HP used in their tablets. Also some novelty platform of Google TV is possible.

Connected home

Connect the various household appliances and handle the distance is one of the greatest comfort you can have. LG anticipated a based text messaging system to communicate, for example, the washing machine and give orders. Samsung plans to do the same but with an application for their Smart TV. Another adds that Archos is having a system for controlling home from a small 7-inch tablet.


We lack big names, but clear trends pass through the new Chrome books, laptops hybrids and why not, the Steam Machines , those little computers that seek to emulate a console. LG already passed us some of their new models, which highlights its “Ultra PC 13Z940,” a 13.3-inch ultrabook, maximum thickness of 13.6 mm and SSD of 256 GB, Another interesting model is the LG TabBook 2, a small team 11.6-inch touchscreen which is hidden from the keyboard.

Smarter Cars

Automobiles are a sector that should not be lost sight of. Both Google and Apple are working hard making alliances with manufacturers to integrate their operating systems (Android and iOS) in automobiles. Google is doing now with Audi to integrate an entertainment system called “in your car Android in car “How is that? Hopefully by CES to learn.