Computer Dress (wearable tech) set the tone for the show that will be held in Las Vegas from January 7 to 10. watches, bracelets, pins, and glasses with integrated sensors seek to capture the attention of industry analysts and observers.

During CES 2013, they demonstrated different technology companies in a series of devices and gadgets, but none managed to lead. Within days of the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, it appears that devices to dress’ will have everyone talking, according to a recent analysis of the goal CNET.

The activity technology

smart wristbands able to make physical track user activity could highlight during the fair to be held in Las Vegas. In fact, ecosystems of physical activity could become more intelligent, and more socially connected. Fitbit, Jawbone and Nike have made ​​great efforts in this regard. Moreover, Samsung is expected to present its Galaxy Band.


The second wave of the Glass

Goggles augmented reality Google searched gain space in an area little explored, however, have left open to the arrival of similar bets way. Thus, it is more than likely that similar looking Glass glasses to call attention to the event. For example, smart Vuzix M100 could come with new software or applications or hardware surprises, while the mobile accessory clothing Oculus Rift will be back and perhaps more attractive features.

Smart Watches

The Pebble, the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony Smart Watch 2 arrived in 2013, so expectations are focused on the incorporation of improvements and new features. Indeed, there will be new manufacturers that come with the promise of better software, screens or functionality.

Smart devices reach the dressing technology

Promise of smart home has become fashionable. This is a small world where appliances can communicate with devices to “create a network without barriers”. From CNET point out that “there are few devices that promise Dress connect to the lighting system in your house but CES could see more such uses. ”