Search engine and social network. Biz Stone has been merged into a mobile application both. The purpose of Jelly is that the user can find answers to your questions through your network.

The founder of Twitter, Biz Stone, has officially announced the launch of Jelly, a search engine and social network, which is based on a dynamic question and answer. The mobile application is available for iOS and Android.

Jelly allows the user to ask questions immediately push toward his network of contacts to get quick answers. “If you have a question, there’s someone out there who knows the answer,” Stone said in the official blog.


The application notes that people help each other. Its use is simple. All you have to do is to access the user Jelly for use as a conventional search engine to do a question to receive a response shortly after.

The interaction of the Internet with the search engine is based on a natural language. The application places a strong emphasis also on the look encouraging users to post photos and ask questions about what they are seeing. So, Jelly changes the way that people find the answers, because they can even use images that purpose.

The official post states that “you can answer a series of questions and ask them. You can help your friends or friends of friends to settle a doubt which will grow your collection of thank you cards. If you are the of the doubt, maybe your closest friend does not have the answer, but the friend of your friend maybe yes. ”

What makes Jelly indicates an article portal ABC is trying to individualize and personalize “the questions and answers, connecting with the personal network of each user, so that they can find relevant and useful assistance than abundant” .