Material, workmanship, equipment, operation and determine the location of the sound quality.

High-resolution flat-screen TV are standard in almost every household these days. While the image is crystal clear and razor sharp, the integrated speakers produce only mediocre to bad sound. Often the sound system of the TV is not enough to accompany the high quality picture with corresponding sound bar. Here you have to be retrofitted, you want to give the image a super super sound.

Material and workmanship

Crucial for the sound quality are of course the nature of the material and the quality of workmanship. Improper processing indicate a rather cheap production. Characteristic of this are welds and edged transitions. For speakers, the fabric covers should not be frayed. The sound bar should not only be visually tasty, but also stable and robust.

Equipment, operation, commissioning

Sound bars are available in many different designs. ‘s equipment is therefore very individual, ranging from very simple to highly complex systems sound systems. Here it is important to consider what the sound bar to be used and what personal requirements one places on them. Only when you have a clear idea of the Sound bar, you should go shopping. Before you buy one, which ports are available. You should also check the interfaces: Is it an analog or a digital interface? The connectivity options of the sound bars correspond generally to those of AV receivers, but are somewhat reduced.


A soundbar should have a remote control and also a wall mount if you want to mount the unit on the wall. You can choose between simple devices and devices that have a wealth of configuration options. Check in advance the possible configurations. The sound bar should be adapted to your needs, but also have flexible preset or automatic modes. Commissioning can take place wireless. There are also plug-and-play device with a power supply and a signal cable. Do you want a built-in WiFi chip or do you use cable?

Overall sound quality

You can search the internet for your desired model and, where appropriate, read reviews and book reviews. But it is best to check the sound quality on the spot. Of course, the sound break up the flavors, but who wants to buy a sound bar, should pay close to the device as possible a clear sound. A sub-woofer completes the sound system to enjoy action movies or music with a strong bass can use.

Choosing the correct location

Consider before buying the place where the sound bar and pay attention to two points: Can you install the sound bar centered in front of a wall and you can install the sound bar in front of or below the TV? The walls act as reflecting surfaces. Thus, a balanced stereo image. The sub-woofer should be at the sound bar as close as possible.