A USB memory stick offers the flexibility and freedom to store your files and documents on an easily transportable device. Most USB memory sticks are only around the size of a stick of gum and can be kept on a key chain so you are less likely to lose such a small flash drive.

Most USB memory sticks have the capacity to store large amounts of data, including files, documents, photos, music files, videos and other information you might need. This can allow you to easily copy files from your computer and transport them to other USB compatible electronic media.

Almost every digital electronic gadget that deals with digital data have a USB port in it. Starting from Laptops, tablets, iPhone, and desktops to music systems, iPods and TFT televisions every electronic gadget has now a USB port.

uses of memory sticks

Even the digital and video cameras are now having such ports. What are the uses of memory sticks? Perhaps this would return a long list of answers. Some of the basic and most common uses are discussed below. If you would like to know more information you could choose iphone memory stick.

Basic help received

Though the memory sticks are the multipurpose device, its basic work is to store your files and folders. Whenever you would like to see a movie that your friend has loaded in his laptop or computer, take a memory stick and plug that into his laptop or PC. Transfer the movie file from your friend’s system to your memory stick by simple means of ‘Copy and Paste’.

This would not take much time and you would not need to get Data Burning software. The entire process would be a hassle-free one. Not only movie files or music files but you can transfer any type of file.

Some help rendered by memory sticks when you are in office

When you are trying to make a presentation on your bosses order for some urgent need, normally you would not have much time. A compact disc takes a lot of time to get burned but you know you are in hurry and cannot afford to wait for long after you finish the presentation, so forget about waiting for the CD to burn slowly.

A memory stick of enormous help at this moment as you will be able to transfer the file of your presentation at the speed of light. These would help you to know, what are the uses of memory sticks?

Advantages of USB Memory Sticks

When you store your information on a USB flash drive, you don’t have the worry of it being damaged by scratches or dust, as you would with a CD or floppy disk. You also have the advantage of an easily portable small data storage size with no movable internal parts that could be damaged if you dropped your memory stick or bumped it.

It’s also been noted that some USB memory sticks are still able to work after being immersed in water, frozen, run over and heated to high temperatures. Even though the memory device may have endured rough treatment, it’s still possible to retrieve the information stored on it.

USB Memory Stick for Security

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of using USB memory sticks is their portability. If you know you’ll be away from your regular computer, such as on a shared computer or in an Internet. You can use your USB flash drive to access your documents or important data without running or installing programs or leaving traces of your activity on the shared computer.

USB memory sticks are also ideal as a way to transfer recovery and antivirus measures to PCs infected with malicious viruses. For easy of recovering your system after a virus attack or other system problem, your flash drive could be a great recovery solution.

This can give you an increased level of security when it comes to protecting your personal information when you need it most, but also restoring your system in the event of any problems.

USB Memory Stick for Entertainment

There are home hi-fi systems and even car stereo systems with USB ports included that can make it much easier for you to access all the music you like easily without carrying around CDs that can be easily damaged.

You may also find some home entertainment systems allow you to plug in your USB memory stick so you’re able to play movies directly from your flash drive. Some arcade game consoles can allow you to use a USB memory stick to transfer high scores or saved game scenarios.

Choosing the right USB memory stick is usually an easy decision. They’re quick, convenient and relatively cheap for the huge advantages they can offer for any computer user. If you would like to know brief information about latest sleeping device you could choose sleep bracelet.

Other uses of a memory stick

Did you feel irritated when your computer started working in a tortoise’s pace? At such times, you might have had also experienced that when you plugged in a memory stick into one of the USB ports of your computer the speed improved a bit. Thanks to your memory stick for it has made it possible.

The more free space that is available in the memory stick the better the performance will be. The memory stick’s free space is used up temporarily by the computer as it RAM.

When you clicked some photograph on your digital camera, where do you think the picture file gets saved. It is on a memory stick that can be found inside the camera.

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