With World scope Webcams can be more than 16,000 locations worldwide to get the smartphone There are newer information for the ski and beach holidays.

The digital age opens up ever new unimagined possibilities. Was once the fax as an invention of the modern era, a variety of data now being hunted in a split second the world. Take a photo of the birthday party of Old Germany to the United States is transmitted. Million SMS messages are commonplace just a blink later delivered across continents to the recipient. Or leaves in the absence of professional with the partner / partner via Skype and webcam live and live with a moving image after hours, at least where an internet connection or mobile phone reception is available to chat.

With over 16,000 World scope Webcams Webcam sites on the smartphone

Latest craze is a digital flight around the world. With the new app “World scope Webcams”, the user can currently has over 16,000 webcam sites via smart phone get s in the living room. The various selection options at the webcams can (almost) nothing to be desired. And while the app is still quite new, it recorded more than 10,000 downloads.


Ski and weather seconds on the phone

And the possibilities of World scope are great. As such, not only foreign destinations from the living room couch select. Whether the current skiing weather at Feldberg or in the Alps, the Baltic and North Sea weather at the beach weather in Croatia or Spain by the now highly popular webcam, users can check the current weather on the ground. In no time with a high entertainment value is a little world travel possible, it can look back on the last swim or ski vacation.

Webcams App from the Android App Market to download

The installation of the app “World scope Webcams” is a breeze. Simply search the Android App Center “Market” for the app. Download and run the program installed itself and then you can start it already. Six different features are offered and are just class. By clicking on the “map search” allows the user to select the desired country for webcam show. Pressing the point “Nearby” is one of the current location displayed starting the webcam images. And the trick here. Like the recording, you can save not only special set as wallpaper on your phone.

Giglio will hit the webcam in front of the Matterhorn in Switzerland

You call the function “Random webcams” on, the user randomly selected, but quite interesting webcam sites will be selected and offered. And by clicking the “Time-lapse video” is to search images by time-lapse video show. The highlight, however, the selection of “Popular webcams” is. In these charts, the most visited webcam display. Currently – how could it be otherwise, these are two webcams of the “Giglio Island”. Here the user the progress of the rescue work of the crashed ferry “Costa Concordia follow”. Current number three in the charts Webcam is a fantastically beautiful recording from the Gornergrat at Matterhorn near Switzerland.

World scope Webcams with unlimited data plan or Wi-Fi

But beware: As good as the new app “World scope Webcams”, it can be expensive to use them. The app itself is indeed free but in order to receive the data for the webcam is a data transfer required. Is suggested in their own home or office use on the switchable free WiFi or just a data plan for the smartphone. These are now available from most suppliers in the telecommunications industry. During one month flat rate with an average of 10 euros is quite affordable, it could be of use in the World scope Webcams, as well as use of other data at the end of the billing period will be an expensive pleasure. Costs in the tens, sometimes triple digits are not unique.