Bracelets, watches, sunglasses … almost any clothing or accessory today has its intelligent version. Interested to know them and see their advantages? The best of wearable technology.

In recent months we have witnessed a true technological revolution: the wearable technology. It’s not just our main mobile gadget, technology so advanced now that we see it in bracelets, watches, sunglasses and even clothing. Everything connected to the internet and applications that help us in our daily tasks. Do not know what these accessories are? We are going to summarize the main leaders of this new trend:

Smart Watch: Smart Watches

The clock display can be used to much more than to see the time, and so demonstrate some watches as Pebble or Gear Galaxy Samsung. The “Smart Watch” as they are sometimes called connect with mobile and allow read text messages, view notifications from social networks and give voice commands like “Call John”, all without the need to remove the phone from his pocket.


Some models even work as independent mobile and have GPS. Yes, there are some cons: the screens are too small to read long texts and the battery can run fast (in more advanced models with color display). They are already on the market with prices ranging from $ 150 up . Here the featured models:

Sports Bracelets

Athletes are of the most benefit from the wearable technology. These new colorful small manufacturers like Nike or Garmin bracelets measure calories burned , the movement of the user and can even put different goals to fulfill. And as you know what you do? As for the large number of sensors including. Then the info of the exercises you can upload to the Internet to view the statistics of your work.

Augmented reality glasses

This really could be the next revolution, we talk about glasses that display messages and useful information about what you see in real life. They can show notifications, text messages, search results and even take pictures and film. To achieve this usually connect to a mobile similar to Smart watchs way, but in this case is even more comfortable since the view must not deflect.
The best known are the Google Glass , which could come out this year, although there are many other interesting proposals , some to show holograms so could be ideal for video games. Definitely will be the big news of the year.

Smart Clothing

Thanks to how small they are new sensors and chips, can be integrated into clothing and give all kinds of features previously unthinkable. So there are fasteners that measure mood, slippers that record your runs and even a smart pajamas to monitor the status of the baby. It seems that clothes no longer plain cloth as before, yes, careful washing and running out of battery.