Now the aim cyber terrorists with viruses and malwares attacking the tablet, the trendy gadget. But there are also paid or free antivirus.

The iPad and substitutes have not only caught the attention of fans of gadgets, but also the most dangerous terrorist computer. Virus attacks, which began with computers and also jumped to mobiles, now may have a new target in the spotlight: the tablets.

First mobile virus, then for tablets

The first case of attack on portable systems, dates back to 2005, when a wave of virus began to attack the software Symbian of Nokia. Six years later, the number of mobile phone virus is still small compared with that of computer viruses, but according to research company Morgan Stanley, these quantities will become very similar to 2014. The new tablets, however, are getting cyber-terrorists that migrate to these new devices, which are quite similar to computers, connect to networks worldwide and relevant private information, which makes them an “offer “the saboteurs can not refuse.


Virus Attack Android operating system of Google

Since last year, the virus attacks the assault began operating systems including Google Android phones, and it is precisely also the operating systems that are using the tablets ( the new Motorola Xoom has joined recently, an update the Android that may change the game again). In March, Google was forced to remove more than 50 applications (or apps ) inserted in the Android Store, Android Market, the company could even erase by “remote control” of mobile users had already downloaded these applications. The tablets, the majority function with Android, are likely to be involved in an attack by malware , which can take control, sending personal messages to a rogue server and download new code is made ​​owner of the gadget .

Apple and Google offer in their stores variety of antivirus and spyware protection

If there are viruses, there are also antivirus. Due to the proliferation of attacks, the freedom offered by Google to create apps has allowed that in stores on-line abound antivirus programs , paid and free. These virus programs can also be found in the store of Apple for the iPad or iPhone.

In any case, the most common way to protect the tablet, and the most effective for now, is to create a password to access its functions. Even Apple’s system allows deletion automatically all personal information from the device if the wrong password is entered on a number of occasions. You can also download the Android Store an application that does the same. Only time will tell whether, indeed, these antivirus are needed or if the companies created a hoax to make money.