Parking in the big city can be anything crazy that is very clear. The amount of time while money lost in getting to find a place to leave the car to go shopping or attend an event especially in weekend can make even you think twice if you take the car. We know that technology has done to help us find free sites and our own devices we can even remember the exact spot where we parked but the truth is that not going to the heart of the problem I want to get to the city and leave the car directly parked at any time.

Valeet the app

A valet at your service

Through Valeet (not to be confused with Valet which is another application dedicated to reminding us where we parked the car) we can access a system of personalized parking. The application is free and installs it we will check with our car model and license plate and mark on the map where we want to go. We request the service and a company driver will go to the marked point pick up the car and will park in a private parking property Valeet. When we have finished our chores we advise through the app and another driver brings the car to our location.

While downloading the app is free, the service has a cost of per hour including the collection, parking the car and its return. It is undoubtedly a very competitive offer taking into account the price of parking in downtown areas. Payment is made by credit card and collection process is carried out so safely through a code only the car owner and driver of Valeet known. As initial offering customers using the application Valeet for the first time will have a credit of 5 euros free, ie, the first hour.

Only for Madrid, for now

The main limitation of this app is its range still too limited. With Valeet we can ask a service of collecting and parked our car in the center of Madrid area specifically the area you see on this map marked in red.

Valeet app

It is a good start, because it is the most crowded area of the city and where more sense would use the service. Ideally find equivalent points in the crowded centers of other Spanish cities such as Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao. We imagine that the original proposal is still its operation and should meet expectations will begin its expansion during the course of next year 2017. From here, we wish you good luck on your project.