Face to face the best tablets of the year! Want to know what are the top 5 most outstanding and for each type of user? Google, Apple, Samsung and the major manufacturers are measured in this ranking.

Being close to year end we can say that 2013 is the year with the most competitive we’ve ever seen in the tablet world . There are models for all types of users: large, small, to work, to serve mobile making calls. It can certainly be very difficult to know which model to choose And more still sort in a ranking! All tablets of note are excellent, and their position may depend on the personal taste of each reader. Also do not forget that a tablet may be better or worse for you depending on the use you’ll give not want one Surface Pro 2 if all you’re doing is surfing the internet. Anyway, here is the ranking!


5 – Nexus 10

(Android – 10.1” 2560 x 1600 px – dual core – 16/32 GB – € 399)

We notice that spent nearly a year of its launch in 2012, but still remains among the best options. Its screen has amazing sharpness (resolution is the largest of a 10-inch tablet), is swift as it has pure and safe Android is updated soon to Android 4.4 . Not to forget that it is cheap ! What prevents him up a bit more? Its build quality and finishes can not compete with more expensive models, and power is a fair bit. However, price / quality ratio is the best in this size. For use as plaintiff can not be ideal.

4 – Galaxy Note 10.1 2014

(Android – 10.1” 2560 x 1600 px – Quad Core – 32GB – € 550)

The new flagship of Samsung offers something that other tablets do not: A real working environment based on the use of Stylus (called S-Pen) that can take notes, select parts of the screen, make charts and drawings. There are many possibilities it offers as a business partner. Not only that, it is a very good tablet for general use where improved compared to the previous model looks better, is more powerful is a match for the iPad Air. Yes, it is largely blamed room price: between 550 € and 600 € is expensive when compared with cheaper Air iPad and made ​​with better materials.

3 – Nexus 7

(Android – 7” 1920 x 1200 px – Quad Core – 16/32 GB – € 229)

Google has a real selling your small Nexus 7 is convenient, powerful, with excellent screen, and very light. If all this we add the latest version of Android, Kitkat, it becomes very tempting. But what attracts is the price starts at € 229 for the wi-fi version. Okay, not the cheapest on the market, but if the best Android in price / quality ratio . Anyway do not have it easy, the competition is part of the iPad tyrant Mini with better build quality and a size / more comfortable for everyday gets snatch positions. Still, if you like Android, can not go wrong when choosing a Nexus 7.

2 – iPad Air

(IOS – 9.7” 2048 x 1536 px – Quad Core – 16-128 GB – € 479)

There is a perfect word to define the iPad Air: Premium . Yes, just look at its design, finished with uni body chassis (one-piece) aluminum and quality accessories. They have done ben, weighs only 469g (against 10 Nexus 603) and its thickness is 0.75 cm. Very fine! But apparently not all: the system works perfect and there are many apps for both casual and professional use. It’s hard to criticize something, very difficult, but the camera could Haber improved somewhat, and the speakers do not pass average. Even with this large tablet is the best of 2013.

1 – iPad Mini Retina

(IOS – 7.9” 2048 x 1536 px – Quad Core – 16-128 GB – 389 €)

The tablet more comfortable for daily use : the 7.9 inches is a good average size between the larger tablets and small, and when using a 4:3 (more square) is comfortable for browsing the Internet , at least enough more than a Nexus 7. The user experience is what adds to this tablet whole. To this is added the positives of Apple products in general, components and finishing quality, speed and fluidity in applications. The balance will be so worth the throne best of 2013 , since it is the one most likely tablet to please any user. A! If the price seems high, remember that the original Mini iPad is still selling from 289 €, and is still the best on the market.

Special mentions

With so many tablets this year and only 5 seats some incredible products are left out. So let’s take this section to dedicate a few lines:

More economical – Asus MeMO PAD HD: Only € 150 (although you can get it for less) for a good name brand tablet. Imagine a Nexus 7 with less and less processor screen, well, that’s the PAD MeMO.
Multimedia – HDX Kindle Fire : Beat the Nexus 7 into several sections, such as build quality, screen quality (just a little) and the sound of the stereo speakers. A pity that comes with ads, and its modified Android may not be for everyone.
Style and quality – Z Xperia Tablet: Second only to the iPad Air in manufacturing quality. If we add an excellent screen, sound, and we can say that resistance is ideal for those who want something more than the classic premium Nexus 10.
To work – Surface Pro 2: Yes, it’s expensive, something large and heavy, but few tablets can compete as equals with desktop computers as does this surface. you can use the classes Windows apps.