Vintage cars are of value, in a hobby and fascination. However, the search is often for replacement parts for the old cars a tedious process.

” As the needle in the haystack “

Classic cars are an unusual hobby that requires a lot of dedication. The old car models require special care and must be kept in good shape. If the engine is not running smoothly, showing a fender rust or the alternator has defects, must produce spare parts. They are designed for classic car owners the most common problem, which makes neither an historic duck before a Mercedes Pagoda halt. The procurement of equipment parts and body panels for cars and motorcycles over 30 generation is a challenge that requires a lot of patience. How much of that virtue is necessary depends crucially on the car model.

In the Internet age, the view is often to fan forums of common car part portals to find the proverbial “needle in a haystack.” Most of the classic car lovers met there on middlemen for specialized suppliers, which sometimes have the required spare part in stock. Many a component can also find a comparison. However, the modern Internet is not Allhallows for antique automobiles, but rather an additional option.

Especially for vehicles coming from defunct brands, the computer should be turned off and a look into relevant journals such as “Auto picture Classic”, “classic car market”, “Motor Classical” and “Oldtimer Praxis” be daring. If the car is still brand, promises to be a contact with this professional help. For example, some car manufacturers such as Porsche, Volkswagen and Opel have so-called classical music departments that provide original spare parts. Equally promising is a request may turn out for one of the brand clubs.


Seek expert help

Another resource for the Odyssey is the contact with real experts who have an excellent network. They can be found on the Veteran, which is the largest classic car parts market within Europe. Experts, vintage lovers, collectors, investors and the curious meet twice a year in Baden-Nuremberg and exchange ideas about their rusty hobby. There were more than 4,000 exhibitors are present, waiting for the event to more than 50,000 classic car owners. The spare parts market is growing and a targeted search turns out there too time consuming. Entertaining conversation and an interesting experience, but to make the Veteran an entertaining pleasure.

Who does not want to look at the 25-kilometer event site for information can also contact the ADAC. The auto club unites under its umbrella more than 300 vintage and classic cars brand clubs, where many experts are represented. Many of them know where the desired spare parts can be found. Often, they can also provide information on whether there is the desired item as a new part, as original or a replica.

Lovers of exclusive hobbies usually put much emphasis on original spare parts because they are superior in points surface quality, material quality and fit the parts Overtightened. Even experts of vintage cars of the expert network Classic Data and inspectors of the DEKRA and TUV this problem is well understood. The experts can also assist in the installation and evaluate the quality of the goods offered.

Not to be reproduced

What does the avid classic car enthusiasts, if the part you need is not to be found despite extensive search? For this problem, there is only one solution: It has to be made manually to the old glory back can be achieved. The Asian market has long recognized this predicament and has reproduced parts for classic cars. These are relatively inexpensive, but they suffer from a lower durability or strength. A sloppy craftsmanship can even be dangerous, so pay attention to great care, especially for safety-related parts such as the steering components or elements must shoulder.

Who composed for the most part with his classic car rebuilt parts obtained for the vehicle a low price as a car with original material. Some auto parts like a bolt differential for the Mercedes W 112 no longer exist. Skillful car maker and craftsmen to recreate this, which is usually significantly more expensive than the conventional industrial goods. The search for the spare parts may make itself difficult, but thanks to the chugging engines, the nostalgic and the hoods sworn circle of classic car lovers it is a special experience. This is one of the rustiest hobby in the world that!