The phone is no longer just a device to make calls. Technologies have emerged for fingerprint recognition and visual control for smartphone without touching the screen. In this note, most notable bets. The Telegraph analyzed best smartphones that were launched during this year and, consequently, produced a list of the top ten, depending on various factors, including functionality, price and design.

10. Google Nexus 5 .

Has been described as “the phone amazing Google “by some observers of the technology industry. According to them, it is best that California has developed multinational in its line of smartphones. Daily WSJ sums it up: “The Nexus 5 is the best phone.”

Its features and specifications make it possible to rival against the iPhone 5S, Galaxy 4, HTC One and Lumia 1020. The Nexus 5 is a pure version of KitKat, so this is more fluid and fast. Receive voice commands and then do a search or answer a question, based on what the user requests. To do this, just say “OK Google”.


9. Xperia Sony Z1

is a higher version Sony Xperia Z , so it is powerful and good quality phone. Its size 5 inches it closer to the realm of ‘phablet’. For those who can handle large devices will not have difficulties in enjoying their functionalists. The Xperia Z1 has a sleek design and has been developed to withstand extreme conditions. And it is a mobile waterproof.

8. 520 Nokia Lumia

Its 4-inch touch screen is so sensitive that it can even be used with gloves on. You can capture multiple photos with one click using Smart Shot. Works with Windows Phone 8. Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint have been pre-installed. The user can also get 7 GB of storage SkyDrive to sync your phone and computer.

7. Galaxy Note III

The terminal has a 5.7 ​​inch screen, 1080p resolution, 800 Snapdragon 2.3GHz processor, 13-megapixel rear camera with video recording capability UHD and a removable battery. Your S Pen features five new features, which facilitate the user to activate your reminders, organize important moments, searchable to simple tasks draw and take notes on scanned images.

6. HTC Mini One

UltraPixel camera inherits the HTC One , along with smart features, including Zoe. It is capable of recording HD videos. Zoe Highlight lets you edit photos to share on Facebook and Twitter.

May. G Moto

bet is inexpensive Motorola, now owned by Google. Among the characteristics of the team include the bright HD screen 4.5 “, the quad-core Snapdragon processor 400 Qualcommm and Android OS 4.3 Jellybean, the upgrade to Android 4.4 Kitkat is guaranteed to early 2014. Moto G is now available in Spain with Movistar S/.99 in the Post Payment Plan S/100. In prepaid price amounts to S/.679.

April. iPhone 5S

The device reveals that maintain an exquisite attention to detail. Its design is excellent. Its internal modifications include, along with a new operating system (iOS 7). The 5S features a fingerprint scanner baptized ‘TouchID’. However, this new technology did not leave at all satisfied industry analysts. For Philip of Fortune, “the TouchID not only have served as a safety device to use the phone, wish it had been possible to use it, simply, to make purchases without cash or credit card. So there was some disappointment (the day of the presentation). “

Three. Samsung Galaxy S4

Includes several advances in innovation, the most striking is the visual or gestural control without touching the screen. Many consider South Korea has too many features included in the phone. And is that a good number of them, though curious, are not essential. Some notable features are Samsung Display Adapt, which allows the user to read an e-book with optimum brightness to reduce eyestrain, and Gesture Sensor, which recognizes hand movements by detecting the infrared rays reflected on her palms.

2. G2 LG

Its design is wonderful and does make a difference compared to other devices. The newspaper ABC says it has a good screen that occupies almost the entire body of the phone, as well as a novelty, the button on the back is quite useful when handling the phone. The terminal play brilliantly with the Samsung Galaxy S4. At the same time, provides a purer Android experience. Not surprisingly different rumors indicate that G2 LG Nexus is the precursor of 5.

1. HTC One

competes directly with the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. The terminal with Full HD 4.7 inch screen and a resolution of 1080 pp includes a new version of HTC Sense, an add Jelly Bean Android software that is able to improve many of its original features. Said interface, the strong point of the device allows the screen to be filled with interactive feeds, which are updated in real time showing interactions in social networks, websites, television programs and contact information.