One can surf bar except for specific vendors also use in Paidmailer, some features apply.

Paidmailer offer their users to different earning potential, which in addition to paid mails, banners, the colliery and bonus promotions heard sometimes a surf bar. The surf bar at Paidmailer differs in function from a classic surf bars.

What is a classic surf bar?

In a classic surf bar, the user sees in the corner of his computer in a small window advertising. Payment is usually based on the time, which is a surf bar was open on the computer. Some providers require periodic confirmation by clicking the computer user is actually present on the device and not just the surf bar continues unnoticed. The number of classic surf cash bidder has declined significantly in recent years. Furthermore, the fees for viewing the ads fell sharply in a surf bar, so that revenue can be achieved only small.


Variations in the surf bar use the Paidmailer

Use the surf bar one paid mailer is paid even less than using a traditional window for watching advertising. This appears to be justified, however, because the user needs to look at the ads served not necessarily. While the classic surf bar is displayed in a small window on the edge of the computer requires the bar paid mailer an entire page. This circumstance causes the Paid mailer-Surf bar mostly in the background, completely unnoticed by the user is running while it is working on completely different pages. This behavior work against the operator of Paidmailer by occasional sprinkle websites with frame breaking agents in their Surf bars.

When such a page is called automatically stops the surf bar, so the user will not receive additional points more. Since this but wants points and earning money on the Internet, he calls regularly to the relevant page and starts the new surf bar, if it was interrupted by a frame breaker. Another way to force the user to view the actual occasional running Paidmailer-surf bar that offers automatic log off after a relatively short time. In this case, the user must log periodically during Paidmailer and looks after the restart of the surf bar at least the first spot on actually.

Advertisers can increase the level of actual compliance with the flight they surf bar overlays the Paidmailer by making back its advertising with spoken text. In this case, the user hears a surf bar at Paidmailer the advertising message, even if he does not see them. Many users switch but also to view the surf bar as soon as they hear a tone there. In Paidmailern instead of paying the with open surf bar in Internet time spent awarding points for each Advertisement is common with both the length of stay and for the reload lock apply and the remuneration depending shown advertising within a mailer different values .

The surf bar is worth the Paidmailer for users and advertisers?

Given the low remuneration sure to watch the surf bar for the users of a paid mail service, provided that the admin does not just organized a rally surf with attractive prizes. Just as users when Paidmailer earn less a tenth of the earnings of an independent Surf bar for Advertisers fall to less than ten percent of the cost. That is fair, because as shown in the previous section more than one in ten display is actually perceived.