As in previous years, Samsung have prepared for the upcoming 2017 two new devices, although somewhat different from what we have come so far. According to a new leak, the South Korean launch a standard version, which would curved screen and a version and with curved screen and a larger panel? It is rumored to be 6 inches. This means that both devices would be curved and that the version would eliminate edge. The same rumor also ensures that the start button be deleted and possibly would no headphone jack as has happened this year on the iPhone of Apple.

The Samsung Galaxy S8

Plans Samsung 2017, with respect to its flagships, would be very different from what has become known in recent years. As we read in Sam Mobile the company would change the structure to which we had become accustomed to date and would stop making the variant edge replacing it with a version Plus. Both the standard model as the model And count on both sides with curved screens. Of course, while the first would come with size of 5 inches the second would with 6 inches. We imagine, in this case, that the two would offer a 4k resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S8 versions

The same information ensures that these two terminals come without physical home button. In fact, it is a rumor we have heard on several occasions and it reveals that the S8 Galaxy would have a home fully integrated into the touch screen button. The objective would be to get the user to enjoy more of the main panel, without there being any elements that will detract protagonism. The fingerprint reader would remain in the same place, and would be integrated into the touch panel.

The guys at Sam Mobile have also commented that both the Galaxy S8 arrive without 3.5mm jack for headphones, a feature that this year we have seen in the new i Phone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus from Apple, and Apparently will trend next year in other models. Thanks to all these leaks, little by little we know what the next Asian flagship will be.

In addition to all these details just discussed the device also come with a way christened “bestial” which have been registered as a trademark in the European Union and we do not have any data, but it sounds really good. Moreover, it is said that a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, which would be accompanied by 6GB of RAM, would power the S8 Galaxy. Regarding the photographic section, count do not know if the two with a 3D camera and sensor saying goodbye twice this year.