A cold winter is not uncommon. But what drugs really help? This article clears way for some.

Who does not know? The pesky little diseases that afflict us, especially in winter. Whether cold, cough or hoarseness – a cold can make a right to create and affects not only our physical, but also mental performance. The faster we therefore want to be healthy when the cold has caught us again. What really help cough and cold, is not always easy to see through in the wide variety of remedies. The best and most effective ways to combat the disease, will therefore be briefly presented.

Rest – the alpha and the common cold

Above all, it’s important to rest with a cold. All medicines can only offer limited help if the body is indulged no rest and relaxation. Getting enough sleep is especially important, as well as heat and a sufficient water supply. Physical activities such as working or sport should be avoided at all costs.

Medicines for colds

When on medication, it is advisable to rely primarily. Highly touted combined preparations often do not hold what they promise. Just because the body is fed many drugs, this does not mean that a large effect occurs. A specific dosage is somewhat more useful. Furthermore, many combined preparations often contain side effects that are out of proportion to the actual value.

A young girl getting a medical Exam

Be particularly helpful as usual paracetamol and ibuprofen are classified. These funds help still best for pain and fever symptoms. Against a simple cold to recommend nasal sprays and nose drops, which act beneficial to the nasal mucosa and reduce swelling. especially ibuprofen products are the best performers in a comprehensive test. Therefore Ibu are 400 acute, as can occur with colds often particularly for pain and fever. Even the cheaper variants, especially Julphar Dol 500 mg or 500 mg paracetamol building permit could convince.

In an instant, free from cough, sore throat and a stuffy nose

For a stuffy nose and the infamous cold medications containing the active ingredients xylometazoline, salt solutions and panthenol were able to achieve the most effective results. These agents are primarily located in SNUP nasal spray, the nasal spray of Ratiopharm and the Bepanthen sea water nasal spray. Even when coughing could convince some means. So cut the test of cough suppressants of Ratiopharm and NAC 200 acute and beverage tablets of Acis ambroxol on top.

To successfully combat neck pain, it is advisable to use products from Mucilaginous. Also, the lozenges of Noland could achieve positive results. Of course, going to the pharmacy is difficult, especially when the disease will keep you in the bed. Fortunately, there is now shipping pharmacies Internet. there can keep all your medicines for colds can be ordered quickly and uncomplicated home and your own recovery, nothing stands in the way.