Sony is warming the atmosphere for the next technology fair IFA in Berlin . The company is expected to present next month its new flagship, to be called Xperia Z1 but already leaked the first images of the device and has even posted a video. From the filtered images can be concluded that the design will be very similar to the current Xperia Z, with a screen that looks small in comparison to the rest of the chassis and will feature a larger edges.

It also grows in thickness to hold a camera up to 20 megapixels technology including 4K and lenses Sony G Lens. This component will become the highlight of the terminal, competing with other giants like Samsung S4 Zoom or the Nokia Lumia 1020. Except surprise, it is expected that the powerful camera also incorporates a 5-inch screen Full HD, 2 GB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 800 (much more powerful than the current Z Xperia Snapdragon S4).


In the video above I could appreciate its design, as noted, will be similar to its predecessor but this time a little bigger if possible. It also seems to be water by the wink that he wanted to leave the company to dip the presentation model in water. In this sense, we must remember that the Xperia Z can be immersed for 30 minutes and one meter deep. Sony also ensures that it is resistant to pressure water jets. It’s the same with your other devices and Xperia Xperia Z Go Ultra. All these models are submersible in water under various conditions. However, the warranty does not cover damages that this may cause . According to the Chinese forum Digi-Wo , the colors that will be released are white, black and violet.

Bet on camera

Seeing the new camera that Sony will present its Xperia Z1, it seems he does not want to bet heavily on this component. In addition to the Xperia launch Z1, the technology also plans to announce two gadgets outside that leave you with your mouth open more than one.

According to leaked the specializing SonyAlphaRumors , the technological objectives makes two models including a BIONZ processor, sensor and zoom , which operate almost independently and have free WiFi and NFC, plus an SD card slot. Both aim to improve the quality of the photos we took from our mobile devices.

Unlike other proposals that have come on the market, the gadget in question does not overlap with the phone’s camera but works almost independently and coupled with a powerful magnet. The only thing it takes to be a camera are the controls and the screen, and that’s where comes in. The smartphone , which is connected via wifi or NFC.