Greater autonomy, waterproof, interchangeable straps, heart rate monitor and different price range (available for most pockets) are some of the main features of the new smart watch Korean firm.Samsung has gone ahead a few hours to the official opening of the Mobile World Congress and has announced through its website at all (in plural) smart watch new signature, the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo.

Android is replaced by Tizen

Perhaps the striking point highlights or is that Samsung has decided to replace both the Samsung Gear 2 and the Samsung Gear 2 Neox, Android by Tizen, an operating system specifically created by the Korean company for its new smartwatch. Doubts we generates this is not yet know how it will be compatible with Android phones Tizen, although we assume that Samsung have already more than proved.


Greater autonomy, more durable battery

A key point in these new models is the 300 mAh battery, which according to the manufacturer last between 2 and 3 days without charging with normal use. While we are promised independence to 6 days if you do not raise a lot of trouble to smart watch.

Display, camera and IP67 certification

Both the screen and the Gear 2 Gear 2 Neo are 1.63 inches and are made ​​with Super AMOLED technology. But as the Neo model lacks camera (which will make the price more affordable), the Gear 2 has one 2 MP camera with auto-linked approach and Full HD, which is located just above the screen. Additionally, new Samsung smart watch have IP67 certification, which are resistant to dust and water.

Dimensions and weight

While Gear 2 dimensions are 36.9 × 58.4 × 10.0 mm, the Neo Gear 2 is a little larger with dimensions of 37.9 × 58.8 × 10.0 mm. But by contrast, in weight the Gear 2 (68 grams) is 13 grams heavier than the Neo Gear 2 (55 grams).

Availability, prices and colors

Both Gear 2 as the Gear 2 Neox will be available from the month of April and even though we know that there will be price differences between the two models, we still can not specify in which range we will be moving. Regarding colors, the upper range smart watch of Samsung, the Gear 2 will be available in black, brown and naranaja. And the Neo Gear 2 meanwhile come in black, gray and orange. Royalty Samsung