There is still no agreement on the name that will be the new generation of phones Apple but what we do have is an increasingly clear picture of how the device will look like. To the pile of rumors about this next launch next, considering that the iPhone 7 left five months ago we added a new one that comes with force. It is the iris scanner a function that would provide a safety plus when scanning the eyeball and get a type of recognition impossible to imitate.


Although initially rumored that this type of technology would have to wait until 2018 media such as Mac Rumors have recovered this idea, arguing that plans would have been made to concentrate this function along with others in the terminal that will mark the first decade of Post-iPhone world.

Scans iris

Another reason to advance plans could be the high competition with which will find Apple this 2017, more specifically against the Galaxy S8 Samsung. The Korean company has already introduced the iris scanner in the Galaxy Note 7 and will probably also include it in the Galaxy S8 so letting this generation of iPhone without that technology would be a point against the Cupertino.

More Features

The inclusion of an iris scanner in the future iPhone would be the latest in a series of features that have been proposed in recent weeks. On the one hand, there is talk of three models one of 4.7 inches another of 5.5 and a third model with a screen of 5.8 inches, a size not worked so far. The panel would be OLED and would not include home button it would be completely tactile.

There has also been talk of including wireless charging dual camera on all models and we imagine a new generation of its processors the last of which was the A10 Fusion. There seems to be no intention of backing off on their disputed move to eliminate the mini jack audio port since the sales results are being highly satisfying.

The most expensive iPhone

Speaking of sales, another rumor repeated is that with the new generation of iPhones there will also be a price jump and that we would start talking phone in its standard version (which we imagine will be 64 GB). If this rumor is confirmed, there will undoubtedly be an effect called that will make the other phones also raise their prices. It would not be the first time that Apple favors a price escalation widespread in the telephony sector. On the other hand those of Tim Cook has never been much to confirm anything they love the gossip, and will not pronounce until it is absolutely necessary, probably the day of the presentation.