Apple, Microsoft, Google and other technology companies not only made ​​headlines for their launches, acquisitions of other firms also managed to attract attention. Here, more relevant shopping.

Microsoft buys Nokia

The Redmond-based company officially acquired the devices and services division of the company Finnish September 2. It expects the sale to close in the first quarter of next year to get the green light from the regulatory authorities in the European Union and the United States. The operation would reach U.S. $ 7.400 billion.

Yahoo purchase Tumblr

On May 20 Yahoo bought for U.S. $ 1,100 million micro-blog platform. For Fortune, the reasons why they should not buy Yahoo Tumblr are powerful:


One, there can publish any type of content, so give it a traditional pattern interrupt that relationship between you and Tumblr. The portal is built for display advertising. If amended, the product may lose its essence.

Two, it is unclear if Tumblr has a sustainable competitive advantage. That is wonderful and Tumblr blogging platform par excellence today does not mean that maintain that status in the long run. But Yahoo made other acquisitions. This 2013 Qwiki acquired for $ 50 million, an app to edit video, and Summly, an app which summarizes articles for U.S. $ 30 million.

Google buying Waze

Undoubtedly the Internet giant wants to consolidate its leadership in the world of maps, one of the most crucial in the use of advanced active devices. For U.S. $ 1,100 million Californian multinational company acquired Israeli traffic and navigation applications for mobile phones. Recall that after the said purchase, Google Maps took a further step: send alerts for accidents, construction, road closures, detours and other traffic problems users of iOS and Android.

Furthermore, the company does not want to fall behind within robotics. In the latter half of the year, quietly acquired several companies able to create robots, including Schaft, a Japanese manufacturer of humanoid, Industrial Perception, specializing in robotic vision. His last move is for the purchase of Boston Dynamics, one of the world leaders in robotics.