New ‘smartphone’ Apple will preceded by a new Amazon and Kindle products companies like Nokia and others to appear at IFA in Berlin.

The introduction of the Apple iPhone 5 September next month, seems to have prompted other tech companies to present something the same month, to not seem coincidental that the expected version of the most successful new media and technological product of Cupertino, is accompanied by other events announced by companies such as Amazon or Nokia, which is known more technological innovations. To which should be added which will also be announced at the show for consumer electronics and appliances IFA , which starts this Friday in the German city of Berlin and runs until September 5.

New iPods come with the Apple iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 will come with new products or upgrades or updates of some existing Apple Store, as a redesigned iPod touch and iPod nano with wireless iTunes music download, according to the website The scarcity of the latter begins to exist in many U.S. retail businesses, can be seen as a sign of his impending update.

The iPad Mini would arrive in October

The small tablet of 7.85 inch surely the press initially speculated that arrive on September 12, in conjunction with the new smartphone from Apple will be finally presented between the first and second week of the following month of October, according to the latest evidence and call mini iPad.


Some features of the Apple iPad mini

Apple Insider , the Web specializes in information technology Cupertino, has advanced to its new tablet might look small and be as thin as the iPod touch, which would have screens coated with a transparent substance electrically conductive, which acts as protection and helps reduce radio interference.

Why Apple will introduce a small tablet?

Although the main reason Apple Inc. to present a smaller version of its successful tablet nearly 10 inches, is further reaffirming its hegemony in its segment and in similar conditions with respect to the expected increased competition also continue to represent the successful Kindle Fire from Amazon , whose first model was introduced on September 28 last year and is expected a new one for the month of September.

Nokia and Microsoft are in addition to the other presentations at IFA in Berlin

The Finnish technology and Mountain View have, in turn, another meeting convened the day before in the city of New York to present a terminal presumably Windows 8, or two new Lumia models: Phi and Arrow. While the IFA to be held a few days earlier in Germany, Samsung and Sony are just some technological already announced that they will launch to market new products or enhanced versions of existing ones.