And ‘possible to produce the biodiesel at home. The process requires some attention and it is not easy, but with the proper precautions, we can get our natural fuel. During the process you will develop a chemical reaction whose fumes can be harmful. Therefore protect skin and eyes by wearing gloves, goggles and an apron. It is also recommended to perform the procedure in a well ventilated room, even better outdoors. The basis for the production of biodiesel household is given by type of vegetable oils. In this case we see how to proceed with sunflower oil not previously used. E ‘can also use oil recycles already used: in this case the cleaning process of the compound will be more lengthy and laborious.

To prepare the biodiesel at home , you have to mix all the ingredients listed. Oil sunflower add ethyl alcohol 99.9% and caustic soda . Caution: ethyl alcohol must be absolutely to 99.9%; what to smaller percentage, for example 90% is not good: the water contained inside inhibit the reaction. Stir the mixture for a few minutes with a steel spoon and let stand for at least an hour. After that the mixture was left at rest, the bottom will have a tank of glycerin. This type of homemade biodiesel can also be produced using methanol in place of alcohol. However, methanol is rather difficult to find, is highly toxic and is subject to restrictions because of its potential fraudulent use adulteration wine. Once the glycerin was deposited on the bottom, the Australasia the liquid into another container.


The liquid mixture which have obtained, it is not yet ready to be used as biodiesel itself. E ‘need to cleanse it from compounds such as soaps or traces of hydroxide. To remove these impurities is necessary to proceed with a water wash and this is the tricky part. It ‘s very important to make this part of washing by water, because otherwise you run the risk of irreparable damage to the engine and certainly not worth the effort. You have to put the solution into a container sufficiently large and add about one third of its volume of water. The two substances, being of different weights, they will tend to separate. To perform the wash cycle is necessary to blow air continuously, so that water and biodiesel remain mixed. For this purpose we use a typical pump aquarium with its regulator.

Once the impurities have been removed by washing, you have to remove the water from the compound To do this, you have to heat all at 40-50 ° C for one to two hours. In the winter we can use the heat of a radiator, placing the container on to it, in the summer we can instead let the whole exposure of sunlight. The end result will be a mixture of a pale yellow color must be said that the biodiesel thus obtained, has no very affordable cost, unless you go to use of waste oil, the most difficult to clean but also add that the fuels of any kind are subject to state tax and occur for only the biodiesel corresponds to make an, albeit small , tax evasion.