Juan Manuel Vizcaino: “If you close the door to the possibility of companies to invest in renewable energy, not much research is useless.”

Renewable investments remain profitable, despite the abolition of state aid. The problem is that the repayment period is extended. Specifically, in the CSP, plants that do not come into operation this year will not subsidies. This has stopped the construction of several plants. As Juan Manuel Vizcaino: “The way out there now: export technology.”

He built the first solar cells with thermal storage in the world, located in the province of Granada. Juan Manuel Vizcaino was then barely twenty years. Subsequently, ACS Energy signed him to deal with the maintenance of the plant. He learned to solve all the problems that might occur on a thermal: “A new technology gives errors, of course, part of the development has that problem. Then all the improvements that have been proposed over the past six years, we have been added to this plant. ”


With “this power” refers to African Energy plant, which TSK Group Magtel and Ortiz have built in Cordoba. It is the largest solar Spain and directs construction and operation Vizcaino. In January successfully passed the stress tests tougher Grid Spanish which will be subjected to the control throughout its life.

Technology made ​​in Spain

He has seen first hand how the research began in the eighties in experimental plant remains in Almería CIEMAT beginning to bear fruit. How this technology developed almost entirely in Spain, crystallized in about seventy built solar thermal plants throughout the southern half of the country. And has seen the shadow of the cuts triggered by the economic crisis also has hung on a technology in which the sun was beginning to rise.

However, he says, this technology is feasible, “is an installation in which the raw material, the Sun, do not pay.” The problem is that the repayment period is extended investment no longer count on the aid. This makes it less attractive to investors. What is left out to companies in the sector? Export: America, North and South America, South Africa, Algeria, Morocco, Middle East and Corsica or Sicily are some of the places you are building or planning to build such plants. And is that Spanish companies have a guarantee of thermal indisputable: a technology that has been tried, what works and what, after all, is profitable.