A blog can be a useful tool, but to be effective must be aligned with business strategy and communication of the company.

A corporate blog is a communication tool that, properly managed, has a number of advantages over traditional media. Blogs are practically essential for companies whose business model is based wholly or partly on the web, or for companies that depend on the “feedback” of its customers to create new products or services.

Cheap and easy to create

Blogs are very cheap tools, there is a wide range of options to create them for free, and easy to create. This type of free tools do not require to have an extensive knowledge of languages ​​like html, nor require much knowledge of computers. At the same time, the budget allocated for blog creation and maintenance is minimal.

Visibility and optimization

Blogs provide great visibility and optimization of the various search engines rankings of the network, and it is very frequently updated pages. Regular updating blog content very significantly aid in the positioning of the company, giving it greater visibility and contributing to building your online reputation.


“Feedback” direct customer

The comments of blogs are those that allow us to receive a “feedback” direct customer, and we get to know their tastes, preferences, needs, suggestions and criticisms. For this reason, blogs are a good traveling companion when companies launch a new product or service, allowing the generation of information that can be very positive to evaluate the product and marketing campaign.

Manage crises

Crisis management is one of the most sensitive and most important in the online marketing and social media world. A good or bad management of the crises that arise before or after can have a very significant impact on the company’s online reputation and positioning. In this sense, blogs are a good tool to manage crisis situations, allowing the company to express their views and interact very effectively.


Blogs have the characteristic to be a powerful tool for building communities, usually very segmented, which gives us the possibility to reach the “target” or “niche” desired. This easy to reach our target audience resulting in greater user loyalty and customers, as we are adding value to the services and products created.

Changing mindsets

In a study conducted in 2007 by Edelman and Technorati, the president of “me2Revolution” Rick Murray, referred to the change in mentality that anticipating what was occurring in the years since has been happening: “The receiver was traditionally of our messages now adds a new dimension, as it is involved in the process. and every corporation that ignores the participation and leadership of the hearing will be doomed to fall into the void “.