Every day thousands of new apps appear for mobile phones and tablets. What apps really help the user should be shown here.

Meanwhile, there is a rich offer of apps for Android tablets and cell phone. Alone in Google Play now to find more than 800.000 different applications, because you can ever fast as consumers lose track of which apps are really useful for you and what you can delete immediately again.

Before you simply downloads apps down, you should worry about for what an app is needed and what is the most meaningful for you. Is it the type of person – requires a lot of information about what is happening in the world or history I would always get notifications about the latest music or the latest games can go play with my tablet? The most popular and best (n) apps for Android and iOS will now be presented.

Social contacts and social networks

The market is now crowded with all sorts of stuff. The app is probably the most used, is currently Whats app that allows free communication with his contacts. All you need is the phone number. Whats app is from the presentation here, write just like normal SMS as soon as a new post on a person who enters gets a notification on his cell phones and can this new message from his friend call up. Dies does everything for free on the internet. Is, moreover, Facebook is still very popular to keep his social contacts always, because this hype will not pass away so quickly.


Bookworms beware!

A still more and more gaining in popularity is the app period Book Reader for Android devices. This book reader is easily understood by its lightweight construction and good layout for each user and is therefore already used gsm phone in Germany alone over 7 million units. The Classic program of this company is free, as a premium you have to pay a fee of 2.99 €.

On Tour

A person who travels a lot, whether professionally or in his spare time, should definitely Google Maps or similar programs used in its computer tablets or smartphone . With this you can calculate routes or the program navigates to the correct one goal that you want to achieve grade.

On the hunt for bargains

A real bargain hunters should definitely be the Ideal have price comparison on his cell phone. With this app, you can at any time – and no matter which device to get a list of different stores or websites that sell the desired device and gets an accurate price comparison. Maintain an overview of the app Jungle’s not that easy. Of course there are many other apps that are worth downloading. You should come to the least compare because often there are free alternative apps that offer the same range.