To date, the computer is one of the most exploited sectors due to the fact that many are its fields of application . In addition to the intense use in the common life of every day, it is exploited with all its potential in areas such as: industrial, scientific, technological, managerial and cant telecommunications.

For the branch of industry, information technology is perhaps the main tool used for the manufacture of products. In fact, the entire production process is computerized. From design to production, from the warehouse to the sale, everything is placed under the careful eye of so-called “intelligent machines.” The computer technology, however, is for applications that are integrated into electronic devices in common use and is not, such as: mobile phones, tv, appliances of all kinds, computer and also technical equipment for military use, and so on.


The scientific application is, perhaps, the most fascinating and useful. It concerns, in fact, linked to the computer labs, or even the services of research and development companies. Mathematical calculations difficult and slow for the human mind, are easily solved by simplifying the work of many great scientists. Furthermore, the ability to simulate and analyze the phenomena under consideration allows, in addition to saving time, to predict well in advance which can be, for example, the result of an experiment. Information technology has also made ​​possible the development of “Biotechnology” thus making progress all the knowledge in the medical field especially regarding treatment of serious diseases .

Another field of application is the management that uses the computer to simplify the entire administrative management of the companies This is a continuous check on the requests of customers, but also on relationships with employees then, invoicing, payroll, orders and so on are kept an eye on all systems that fall from possible errors to a minimum. Finally, there is the mobile and fixed telephony, digital television, computer networks are another broad scope that makes this “market” even more prosperous, rich, and especially dynamic.