The advantages of photovoltaics, which is why choosing the energy green. In recent years it has been a real boom , especially in our country. We are talking about the opportunities that the photovoltaic system can offer both private and corporate. But why in times of crisis, we should invest a decent nest egg on panels shielded fixed on the roof of our house? Now we’ll see.

First of all let’s define the considerable advantage that the environment may derive from the increase in plant green and then to decrease the use of fossil fuels for energy production. ‘s not a joke, our planet, year after year you are consuming. Fossil energy resources increasingly scarce (so much so that the costs of gas and oil went through the roof), not to mention the environmental impact that these have on eco deadly balance of our planet. That’s why the use of renewable green, and especially of photovoltaic systems, is first of all a benefit to the health of our planet and for us. The PV takes advantage of the sun’s rays to produce energy. E ‘therefore is an inexhaustible source, does not enter gas pollutants in the environment and severely limits the use of fossil fuels, among the most harmful to our planet.


It ‘a fact that PV systems produce energy in the total absence of pollutants in the environment. Secondly, the latest and most modern technologies have made ​​the installation of the panels solar simple and accessible. This technology is going to meet the needs of everyone: individuals , farmers, entrepreneurs, owners of small-and medium-sized enterprises in charge of large businesses. the systems nowadays are made ​​of embracing everyone’s needs both in terms of the size and power of ‘ plant. In addition, it should be borne in mind that prices are dropping significantly due to strong competition in the photovoltaic market, and for the future, the PV system does not require large maintenance costs.

The photovoltaic system is a tool capable of producing highly adaptable to the energy resources and needs which presents the affected area to its use. It is indeed easy to install both in urban and in isolated places. Take advantage of easily unused areas such as roofs, facades of buildings or shelters …. In addition, the latest technology wink to the aesthetic side of the system. It is now accessible to all individual homes, apartment buildings, agricultural areas, small, medium and large enterprises. Anyone can benefit from this tool for the production of green energy.

Although new technologies are meeting in this new need. Nowadays are present on the market of the inverters in version “smart” designed for managing not only the energy produced, but also able to use the time of greatest need. In what way? These jewels of technology are programmed to turn appliances to achieve a certain value of energy produced. This avoids costly withdrawals from the network, easing the electricity bill. Nowadays a photovoltaic system costs about half as much as a couple of years ago. It ‘amazing how this industry is constantly evolving. Firms and individuals are finally realizing just how profitable and responsible investing in the energy provided by the sun.

Finally, one last good news for those interested in installing a photovoltaic system (but this applies only in the case of installation of residential building construction suitable for the purpose): the income tax deduction on the cost of the 36 & purchase and construction of photovoltaic panels . The deduction is expected to be used for the project now under construction and renovation, construction aimed at recovery and development of the Italian building.