Apple iPhone present a low-cost emerging markets and affordable to as many users as not to lose market share to the competition.

The iPhone 6 Apple Inc. come together with a low-cost model to be presented later this year, when several sources indicate as the most likely time for the launch of a smartphone inexpensive apple technology. With the waiting customers address major and emerging markets, which is expected to be more pronounced growth of users of these devices in the coming years.

An iPhone to stop the Samsung Galaxy

Apple needs to respond to mounting criticism regarding the lack of innovation in the latest models of its flagship product, but also to the acute suffering loss of market for the benefit of competition led by smartphones Samsung Galaxy. To which must be added the growing proliferation of other high-end phones of brands like Sony, Nokia, LG and HTC, among other business models that have already begun to enter the segment low cost of these super phones.

Line in which analysts expect the new iPhone in performance and design than its predecessor. And the company, meanwhile, steps forward into a growing segment of the market as a whole, in order to maintain a hegemony that is increasingly threatened by competition, and thus be able to keep it that its most profitable product in moments that many operators do not want to continue subsidizing.


Speculation about a new iPhone is not cheap

Although ultimately settled publication The Wall Street Journal , has made ​​arrecien again rumors to the effect that the Cupertino technology in their product replicate the experience more media already started with their iPad mini, iPhone rumors of a low cost no is new, to actually dating about two years. And while you can try to be mere rumors surrounding new routinely signature products, for the reasons described may end confirmed.

Features and price of the new iPhone ‘low-cost’ of Apple

If so, the device whose price in the traditional model is around $ 650.00, could be acquired by a value between $ 99.00 and $ 149.00, according to a person who wishes to remain anonymity, quoted by Bloomberg and referenced by . And it would seem to the standard model, but with a less expensive thanks to the use of cheaper materials, and include or recycle parts of previous iPhones.