We live in a very fast-moving times. Everything has to happen immediately. Hardly anyone really still time. Since we are grateful for all technical assistance.Necessary preparatory work

A basic requirement is a good mic. Some laptops have. Equal inherently a built in microphone A speaker is installed almost always. This is only necessary if the text entered by the computer to be given in order to be heard again. Low is a headset. The microphone must be after checking again located at the same place. Care must be taken at exactly the right distance from the mouth. After opening the respective program, the user data of the user will specify. This one’s name or a corresponding name is highlighted. This is followed by checking the audio settings. Now through the program, the volume of the microphone and the quality of the sound card is checked. If everything is in order is usually a tone. In the absence of this, a lot needs to be repeated.


Exercising is very important for a good reproduction

The corresponding program must now be trained to recognize the voice. It must be the first microphone of the program will be switched on. This usually are several methods available. As a rule, each dictation users through the different sections. Need for training given by the program texts are spoken loudly into the microphone. Such texts can be read directly from the screen as well as printed. When everything is ready at the appropriate display is pressed “record”. The yellow arrow points to the passage where to start reading the. If the color of the words change, this means that the program has heard the words and recognized. The arrow can also repeatedly point to a specific location. This must then be repeated until the yellow arrow of self continues. This is not always easy but in the end it saves a lot of time .

Adjustment to suit your style of writing

Everybody writes or formulated somewhat differently. At the beginning it is working a little too unfamiliar with such a program. There is nothing typed and no pen needed for it. Such dictation can analyze the writing style to improve the recognition accuracy. Adapting to the style of writing means something more preparation time. You can skip such a point as well. After successful completion of training, a corresponding message. Now in almost all Windows-based programs can be dictated. A narrow bar on the screen shows the commands you need for the program.