The Canadian company BlackBerry has not had a good year, while the project of Canonical at hand a “supermodel ‘failed despite receiving excellent reviews. What were the other technological disappointments of this year? Then the newspaper ABC , a list of technology products that did not have the expected success in 2013, although some of them were announced with great fanfare.


Their latest devices have valid and interesting features, but observers have considered these late releases. The Canadian company has not managed to surprise during the year ending with a revolutionary product or, at least, at the height of the great mobile competition.

But that’s not all. BlackBerry has lost market share to products with Android, iOS and even Windows Phone. This latest operating system has 3.2% of the cake, which represents an increase of 133% compared to 2012, while BlackBerry have to settle for only 2.9%.


Facebook Home

Is an application for high-end devices with Android, which allows a deeper integration of the social network with mobile user. Thus, a permanent interaction with Facebook is possible.

“We want to build a phone or operating system (…) We want to build the best experience for all persons in any phone,” Marck Zuckerberg said during the presentation that took place in April 2013.

Although initially had some impact, the user does not take long to do some reviews regarding privacy. And the concern was connecting GPS Constant Facebook Home , which had access to the social network in order to collect more data of its users. Apparently, it has fallen into total oblivion.

HTC First

Known as ‘Facebook Phone’, the smartphone with Facebook built was a resounding failure. It took almost a month after the launch of the first device with Facebook Home, AT & T had only managed to sell 15,000 units.

Despite the incredible price reduction of your U.S. $ 99 to U.S. $ 0.99 in response to that little popularity, AT & T failed to motivate the adoption of mobile. Since then, there have been no news about the product. One thing to keep in mind is that never reached the European market.

Galaxy Gear

is undeniable that the new Galaxy Gear has outstanding features, including allowing phone calls, text messages or display email, record video and take photos. With these features in your favor, you can say that Samsung has been able to develop a stylish device.

For many analysts, but only Gear revolutionary “nice accessory.” And the clock does nothing that a smartphone can not do either. Additionally, users who do not have a Galaxy Note III could not make the most intelligent clock.

In September, Lee Don-Joo, president of marketing for Samsung mobile business, acknowledged that Gear “lacks something special.” In fact, the technology would have sold only 50,000 watches per month of November, according to Business Korea.