Samsung introduced the Galaxy S5 and we tell you everything new that brings along with our impressions and conclusions. Did it improve enough?

The most awaited phone of the year? Probably, following a river of ink speculations, hopes and leaked photos Samsung finally presented it. Discover the new features of a mobile aroused admiration and disappointment in equal parts.

The Galaxy S5 is, in simplest form, a good improvement and updating of the Galaxy S4. There is no denying that continuity, because it looks very similar, it’s just a bit more powerful and has almost all the same functions. Samsung decided to focus improvements in specific areas: water and dust resistant, fingerprint sensors and pulse and a faster camera. Do you know some? Yes, but it is enough to compete with new smartphones this year.


Aesthetics and new features

The first thing you notice is that the aesthetic remains almost the same, but the rear now has a texture that, despite being plastic, it gives a more rubber-like feel, as happens in the Galaxy Note. The best thing is that now resists water and dust, as the Xperia Z, although as much can dip meter. On screen there is a slight increase to 5.1 inches, keeping 1080p resolution.

Interesting is now the home button has a Fingerprint Sensor: just simply run your finger over the bottom up so that we detect mobile (pre-set). Continuing with the sensors, there is now one of pulsations in the back, under the camera. Something useful for those who do physical activity, we should be all.

Slight improvements in specifications

If we turn to the pure and hard specifications, little changed : quad-core processor at 2.5 Ghz, 2 GB of RAM, 16 or 32 GB with micro SD memory and a battery of 2800 mAh, the truth a bit short. Where if we see a step forward is in the camera : it goes from 13 to 16 MP and is able to focus in just 0.3 seconds, so you do not miss anything. Also you can shoot in 4K , that gigantic resolution that few have a TV to appreciate. As for the new version of software is remarkable Kitkat Android 4.4, with Touchwiz interface (just renovated) and it brings a new screen to the left of the home, showing news of interest.

Conclusions, dates and prices

The Galaxy S5 ends up being a very good mobile but not surprising as previous versions. Some users are disappointed because it is almost the same as the previous version, but you need to clarify something: that smartphones will evolve as each year is impossible, and in areas such as the display and battery becomes too difficult to improve. We do not know its price, but it should be between 600 € and 700 €, much to justify the change if you already have the S4. Yes, will be available from April 11 to purchase.