With the arrival of the holiday season, the children spend more time at home and look for ways to turn makings and have a good time. Are interested in using your tablet and do not know if you leave it? Alternatively, maybe you are thinking if I could be a good Christmas.


The tablets if used responsibly can be an excellent tool in the hands of our children, providing interactive educational content that make learning more fun. Bottom line limit the time of use and control your navigation is done in suitable environments for their age. Therefore, we give you some tips for your children can use these devices but always in a safe and enriching way.

Avoid app purchases

For any child is easy access to buying games. You may be playing with an application that you have supervised but ads that appear constantly may tempt a child to download another that it may be inappropriate for their content or to be paid for it may be unpleasant for the pocket surprise. To avoid surprises it is best to prevent. Both iOS and Android can block the download of applications.

Android: Go to Google Play Store-Settings-User Controls-Require authentication for purchases. To avoid shopping at other stores will go directly to our tablet to Settings – Security – Device Management – Unknown sources Allow installation of apps from unknown sources off.

Install parental control apps

It is the best way to ensure you do not have access to inappropriate content. There are several interesting apps like PlayPad but whether to recommend one we are left with Kids Place, which is the safest and, in its free version allows actions such as blocking off the default playground with a key choose which apps will look and limit the times of use of the device.

Explored together the best educational apps

This article aims to show the potential of the tablets and so after giving some ideas about how to use them safely, we present some of the apps that serve youngsters to learn in a fun way. These are just some examples:

  • Play Tales: Interactive Stories
  • Right Word: A good way to review spelling fun
  • Light wood: Puzzles with increasing difficulty