Waiting for reliable data on the possible relationship between mobile phones and cancer, here are five risks to which we must pay attention.

MILAN – With 6 billion subscriptions in the world, the mobile phone is an object-key life of almost every inhabitant on Earth. According to data from Morningside Recovery Rehabilitation Center , an institution that treats different types of dependencies, an average American goes 144 minutes per day to mobile phone, a period of 16 hours, checking the display even when it has received messages or calls. 91% of adults have one, and so 60% of teenagers, as indicated by the latest research by Pew. And beyond the possible carcinogenic effect, still under study, at least five proven risks to health resulting from the use of mobile phones.


The five risks of using mobile phone

CARCINOGENIC EFFECTS – Studies on the potential dangers of mobile phones go on . According to the ‘ World Health Organization (WHO), the use of the cell phone itself has no proven effects on health. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies them as possibly carcinogenic, which means that it is only a possibility, not yet confirmed by science, waiting to have long-term data. That is if we refer to the proper use of the equipment and not excessive. The precautionary principle is a must, especially if you are thinking of giving the phone to children or teenagers who have brain tissues more sensitive than those of adults. The AIRC, Italian Association for Cancer Research , waiting for more reliable results, suggests that “reducing the exposure, use headphones and writing text message” whenever it is possible to avoid a phone call.

NEGATIVE EMOTIONS – But apart from precautions and attention to proper use of the phone, here are five damage that can come from the use of phones. First, a look at psychology. The phones can have perverse effects on the emotions, and in particular their presence adversely affects interpersonal communication face-to-face. Two studies of the ‘ University of Sussex have clearly demonstrated the closeness and human connection between two people is disturbed by the presence of the phone, which is harmful especially when the subject of the conversation between the two individuals is particularly significant and important.

STRESS – L ‘ University of Gothenburg in Sweden has instead highlighted their links to mental distress in young adults (20-24 years): the excessive use of the mobile phone is associated with sleep disorders, stress, and depressive symptoms, acting as a factor of risk with respect to mental problems.

IMMUNE SYSTEM – Among the frets and the interstices of the devices, then, a large number of germs lurk. A study conducted by ‘ University of London has revealed that most bacteria that live in mobile phones in their hands, and that 16% of home appliances Escherichia coli, fecal bacteria.

ARTHROSIS – Mobile phone in hand and always “tweaking” relentlessly can also cause inflammation and chronic pain in the joints, but also back pain and neck pain, when the object is perpetually parked between ear and shoulder.PROBLEMS OF VIEW – Then mount your phone as hypnotized in front of an oracle can mean problems view more advanced in years. The screens are small, so many posts, and although 70% of people deny it, (according to the statistics of the Vision Council ) the truth is that we tend to abuse of the mobile phone always a bit ‘.