The new ‘smartphone’ Apple would have a screen than 3.5 inches of its predecessors, according to the latest trends and competition.

Introducing the iPhone 4S in October last year was believed to be due in part to the refusal of Steve Jobs to the fifth version of the smartphone co-founded the firm that had a larger screen than its predecessors. But information from Bloomberg ‘s predecessor reveals Tim Cook as CEO of Apple and “played a key role in developing” the next generation of super phones with bigger screen which is expected to arrive in October .

New iPhone screen would break the tradition of Apple

If the new iPhone 5 finally arrives with a screen than 3.5 inches, the Silicon Valley technology not only break the tradition in this regard has shown since the first model launched in 2007. It would also be their response to the growing requirement for general users who want to play, watch videos and surf the web on the largest screens and comfortable in their smartphones .

A screen next to the Samsung Galaxy S 3

As also a response to competitive models, almost across the board, and have screens at 3.5 inches higher, even higher than the 5 inches. Most notably the Samsung smartphone, with Apple’s iPhone rivals in performance and preferences; whose latest model, the Galaxy S3 , was recently presented with a screen of 4.8 inches.


Apple will benefit applications on an iPhone with 4-inch screen

But the advantage of better meet the expectations of users or equated with competing models is not enough, there is still adding the benefit to Apple applications involve a larger screen in the next model of the iPhone,

The production of new screens of the iPhone 5 is imminent

The Wall Street Journal yesterday released this information from one of the features of the iPhone 5 most prominent and advanced by the media, which can increase the size of the device or just keep it to be perfectly coupled to the current size, the production would begin in a month and the burden of LG Display Co., Sharp Corp. and Japan Display Inc.

The competition between Apple and Samsung in a growing market

And all for the sake of continuing enjoyed the cake it means to lead the most innovative segment of the global market of mobile communication, and generating more than 2% of total world production and will feature over 7,000 million global subscribers by year-end According to the latest report from the consultant Chetan Sharma entitled the State of World Mobile Industry 2012 .

For if Samsung sold more smartphones than Apple in the first quarter of 2012, the latter still generates the most revenue for the 46.9 million it sold South Korea from January to March, the company Apple managed 35.1 million that generated an income of 22,700 million dollars, compared to the 17,000 million of the overall business of Samsung mobile phones.