A spectacular display and super fast recharge are some improvements that could disputant future flagship Sony. What Does the Xperia Z2?

Since we keep informing rumors the most anticipated phones of 2014. We’re doing the S5 Galaxy, HTC One 2, among others, and today it is the turn of one very important: the Xperia Z2. Yes, the successor to one of the best of 2013. What do we know about him?

Display and power to a new level

In principle it would be something similar to what we see on the Xperia Z1 but making improvements rigor in power, screen and software. The screen size would be between 5 – 5.3 inches with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. This resolution already seen in some mobile and is known as 2K. To get an idea of the tremendous definition would, think that these data would give us over 550 PPI (pixels per inch) above any current smartphone.


The power would be improved with Snapdragon 805, best mobile processor currently has enough power to play videos 4K, accompanied by 3GB of RAM. As for software can not expect anything less than Android Kitkat. Anything else would the camera continuity, which would remain with the Z1 20 MP but with improved software. We talk better image processing, more configuration options for those who know some striking photography and application as they already showed in the Z1. The aesthetic is what least we know for now. Everything would point to retain the line that Sony uses long. For now we are satisfied with the concepts published some designers, like the one shown above.

Something interesting is that much improve efficiency when charging the mobile. They even may charge full in an hour. This approach is good: if they can not increase the capacity of the batteries at least they load faster. What did you think about the Z2, you think it will be worth paying, at least $ 600 that Sony would ask for?