Review of the book “Social Media Relations” from the Rocky Nook-Verlag Bernhard Jodeleit.

Social media takes in today’s world an ever more important. The book presented here “social media relations” ( Morgan Kaufmann Publishers , therefore) deals in a very intense way with a variety of possibilities offered by social media.

Entry and orientation of the book

After a brief introduction to various aspects of social media are illuminated in detail. A variety of helpful tips to help the reader to find their way in the field of social media in the future better and this also applied successfully. First of all issues raised, caused by inaction, to deal with the modern media. Who does not use social media today will be sooner or later in the long run on the track. The use of various channels of social media play a crucial role in the present and also the future. Customers can be felt through these channels and thus helping the company to bring the true expectations and desires in the same experience. This is very important when it comes to customer satisfaction and also to attract new customers.


Revaluation by graphics

In the course hazards are discovered that may well arise from the use of social media. Screenings and graphics add value to this book and show the different ways to the successful use of social media. The individual in this subject is always in the foreground. The present work deals in particular with the main issues concerning the effective use of new social media offerings and how they can be perfectly used by any person in order to be successful even in daily life. Individual steps, starting from the analysis of the previous one’s behavior on the use of the new opportunities to come into contact with the general public to successful use of new media are explained very comprehensive and easy to understand for everyone.

Helpful Tips

The following are tips that can be used when unexpected problems occur in order to competently navigate the world of social media by a living through crisis. It explains, among other things, how the individual channels can be used safely and reliably, and what you need to consider in finding helpful contacts. It must be pursuing a very special strategy here can be successful in the long run. Blogging is a central theme become indispensable in today’s time. Social media should be operated continuously – even when first successes have already been achieved.


The present work focuses on 321 pages very closely with the complex area of ​​social media. Hardly a question remains open. Social media enables the meeting of all the layers in a confined space. Social media is also an important focal point in avoiding conflict resolution respectively give. Finally, show some interviews present opportunities of social media on. This book is equally suitable on social media for beginners as well as advanced students. Using images and graphics, the examples given are easily understandable. Thanks to the structures and the clarity is created when reading any boredom.