Social networks have become an important engine of arrival to a company’s customers. This new form of promotion is essential today.

Companies around the world have seen the need to be part of the famous social networking sites. Advertising in the media is measured now face to face with web advertising, competing on equal terms with the passing of time. But what are the starting basis points to advertise on the web? It is important to consider how social networks to take advantage of them.

Social networking and marketing

Social networks were designed as a leisure on the internet, a meeting point for different social groups. Marketing, meanwhile, is the strategy that launches a product against a target audience or target. The social networking and marketing relationship found when companies understand social networks as a place to reach potential customers. Web 2.0 is the term that is also known to internet sites that allow you to interact with more people and social networks are a good example of what this increasingly popular term.


The target audience and the types of networks

There are many social networks on the internet, even every country has a predilection for different pages in particular, the fact is that among the most famous in the world are located Facebook and Twitter. Companies have two options to advertise in these pages. Creating a space that allows the brand to interact as a user or paid advertising in social network with arrival at a specific audience you choose. These display cases on the net have led companies to remain in force through web advertising.

The social community manager or community manager

The new form of marketing has created the need for a new job positions in companies. A manager accounts in social networks, it has become indispensable in the ranks of employees of the brands of a product. The Community Manager are responsible for these accounts give movement and generate more visits and interact with followers of a page on the internet.

Importantly, and this platform allows business success, could also become its biggest executioner in the case of not giving the necessary support. That is, the network users could take the abandonment or neglect of a page as the fall or end of a company for more serious that is.

The Community Manager must not only maintain an active account profile but also respond to the concerns of their followers and face claims or complaints will be viewed by all members of the network, so it is important to handle such situations in the best way possible.

The training of these social media or social media must perform online analysis of the product and the audience it is directed, channeling strategies that will serve you for good positioning in the space you choose as a platform for exposure.

In conclusion, the shapes move in the market have changed and mutate constantly. The important thing is to remain open to all possibilities involving a positive transformation for the product to be launched. There are programs offered by prestigious institutions where students are professionals in this field.

The truth is that there is a saying that is becoming more important in these times rapidly, “If you’re not on the web, simply do not exist”, and that the facts will come showing.