The Japanese company requested SmartWig patent before the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States. The wig could help the user orient routes to control your blood pressure.

Sony seeks to set the standard in the field of wearable technology . Today consumers increasingly opt to integrate this kind of technology in their daily lives. That market is already attracting the attention of different companies, such as Google and Samsung, because of its potential.

According to Juniper Research estimates will grow 14 times in five years to reach $ 19,000 million. With similar projections, the Japanese company presented a paper before the Patent and Trademark Office United States patent for a smart wig, which has been called SmartWig.


The toupee, according to a Bloomberg report, could help users “orient routes, control your blood pressure or advance slides in a presentation.” And, on the latter, devices can communicate wirelessly.

SmartWig has several sensors that process a data series. Therefore, Sony ruled not incorporate a sensor to detect gestures to translate them into gestural commands. That would allow the person “move to the next or previous slide by simply raising his eyebrows.”

As described in the application, the wig may include a camera, a laser pointer or a captor of global positioning system. And it could be made of different materials, ranging from human hair to hair of different animals and even makes mention of feathers. “Wearing a wig has several advantages compared with other devices wearable, including user comfort and better management, “reads the document filed with the patent agency.

Over a prototype

Bloomberg said in a report that the wig is under development but the company has not yet decided whether to be marketed in the future. It also stated that there are three models of the device. “The Presentation Wig having a laser pointer and PowerPoint slides can be changed by pulling the device left and right. The Wig Navigation uses the GPS and vibration to guide the user. Meanwhile, Sensing Wig gathers information from inside the body such as temperature and blood pressure. ”