The new version of the operating system Microsoft now available for download. Users can customize the home screen as you wish thanks to the variety of tiles. The button ‘Start’ is back. Here, the details you need to know. The changes made ​​by Microsoft regarding its new operating system, Windows 8.1 , also called Blue, will allow users to enjoy high profits, based Adrian Covert from Fortune.

The first thing to consider is the return button ‘Start’, which has been installed in place that really belongs in the taskbar. Its function is allowed to return to the main menu of the new system interface. In other words, the new ‘Start’ button brings all the functionality of the ‘Start’ button in Windows 7, but with the modern look of Windows 8.1. The operating system also provides various applications and services, which are accessible from the home screen. Simply put, the user can choose any application to make different things, from using Skype to watching videos through Xbox Video.


But the most pleasant surprise that brings Microsoft is the expansion of the function ‘Snap view’, which can display multiple applications on the screen at the same time. Windows 8.1 facilitate the execution of up to eight applications side by side, compared to the two that allowed Windows 8 .

The new version of operating system of the U.S. firm allows users to decide how much space each application on the screen. ‘Snap view’ of Windows 8 was much more limited in this respect. The interesting thing is that if the user is reading an email and clicks on a link, and not leave the mail application to enter the browser. Now the display will automatically be divided into two, and Internet Explorer will open right next to the mail application.

Another adjustment to stress, according to Fortune, is that, for example, if the user searches for a rock artist in Bing, links and buttons to play their songs are integrated into the results. Finally, the cloud integration is complete with SkyDrive. With Windows 8.1 is easier to work anywhere, because the files are always accessible from any device and location. Thus, the user will not have to reconfigure Windows 8.1 devices you use.