For some time circulating a Skype virus that spreads rapidly. Following tips to defend yourself.

Problem here is that this message as a separate Skype arrives contact. This Trojan usually spreads through an image that must download by activating a link to the relevant Skype users. Since this comes from a friend’s, most Skype users think nothing of it. If the link is activated, however, it’s already happened: The Skype worm is downloaded and also spreads to all other existing Skype contacts that you have. Although until now no further episodes of the Trojan are known, but is better care is taken to have not even attacked his own account the Skype worm or it makes it immediately to remove the Skype virus software again.

Act cautiously

The safest course is not to enable the image link. But it is too late and you knew nothing of the circulating Skype virus, it can be a solution to close the Skype account immediately. This prevents at least that’s Skype contacts also get the link sent to you. An antivirus program detects and removes the virus although this also, but the system is completely safe even after the antivirus program has not worked. The Skype worm can be updated again shortly before deletion by the antivirus program that is and therefore does not disappear completely.


Can remove the virus completely only by the following measures:

* First, you should restart the system and indeed completely new in safe mode, which is achieved in which you hold down the F8 key while the computer restarts
* Then you should enter the following code in the command prompt: cdc :/ Users / Username / AppData / Roaming- with your own user name as the user name
* Next, you have to delete the Skype worm, inputting, del * exe ‘enter; thus ensures that you delete the infected files from the Skype worm
* What name just carry the items that are affected by the virus, unfortunately, is not known and it is therefore even more important to delete all affected messages, to use the key combination Win + R, so that the Windows System Configuration Utility starts and then ms config enter, tab, startup ‘indicates entries that are performed under command, all of which should be deleted to be sure to have no more in their own file system that is infected by the worm.

Such a virus spreads quickly and is not very pleasant for the owner of the computer. But a quick response usually prevents that other files and programs are under attack and your own PC does more damage!