Tourism is an economic engine of high caliber precisely these days is celebrated Fitur 2017 the fair’s most important city where more than 9,000 domestic and foreign companies are committed to convince their tourism offers to travelers. According to the World Tourism Organization 1,235, million tourists went on holiday outside their borders in 2016, which is an opportunity for the sector that is expected to increase in 2017.


One of the agents also involved in the tourism industry is the technology and new mobile applications, which seek to make it easier for travelers to find the best vacation experience. For it has launched, in collaboration with Fitur, the contest the App Tourism Awards 2017 which rewards the most useful for tourists and innovative mobile applications for the sector. More than 100 applications have been submitted to this competition, of which 18 finalists have been selected. Some of these finalist apps propose a very different way to search or select tourist destinations for users and provide added value as a tool for the traveler.

Hundred rooms save us all the time when it comes to searching and comparing the best prices for the accommodation we want. Hundred rooms meanwhile, joins the success of comparative websites such Arapaho, Trip Adviser, the ticket and like veteran, but focusing on search and compare holiday homes individual, ie the controversial tourist apartments both have created affinity and rejection This of the regulation of the collaborative economy.

Stay-App meanwhile, it is derived from the application Stay, a company that was born 7 years ago to connect the customer to the hotel where lives and manage all kinds of services. Based on this it has created its own mobile application with the aspiration of agglutinating this management for all the hotels of the world. Some of them already have their own app but Stay aims to make life easier for guests, to centralize from a single app.