He arrived with food and supplies for the six astronauts. The firm Orbital Science Corporation, who launched this cargo pod, begins a series of posts by a U.S. $ 1.900 million with the NASA. The last shipment of NASA finally came today to the International Space Station ( ISS ) after a week late. Load capsule Cygnus launched by Orbital Science Corporation, was connected in the morning.

The astronauts used the computerized arm of the ISS to hold, while the two ships were traveling at about 420 kilometers (260 miles) above the Indian Ocean. Just another private company has made ​​another flight of supply of this magnitude.


It was the maiden flight of the capsule and contains more than half a ton of food, clothing and other supplies for the six astronauts. “Everyone is very excited,” radioed Mission Control. He was qualified as an achievement “epic” and “splendid”. Orbital Sciences Cygnus capsule launched from Virginia on September 18. Should have been connected to the station four days later, but the operation was delayed by a software problem. But the problem was solved.

What’s Next

Success means that the company can begin to fulfill his contract of 1,900 million dollars with NASA for a number of deliveries with Cygnus. The next flight would be late December.Applause rang in Mission Control once Parmigiano Italian astronaut Luca grabbed Cygnus with the station’s robotic arm. “Good catch,” said Mission Control radio.

The operation culminated years of effort by Orbital Sciences, which was hired by NASA along with Californian firm Space Exploration Technologies Corp. to supply the space station in the post shuttle.The Cygnus is designed for re-entry burn. Once downloaded their 590 kilograms (1300 pounds) of food, clothing and other supplies, the capsule will be filled with garbage and released in late October. Thus end caps ls also Russian, European and Japanese Supply: like garbage cans self-destruct.