Who wants to replace his old phone with a new device must not throw in his old unit. This can be sold well.

Around the world every day disused mobile phones and smartphones will be thrown into the nearest garbage can. More than 70 million old or broken mobile phones are alone in German drawers and spend their useless existence. Although the trend is currently the second mobile phone, usually it is so that a new phone an old replaced. Land it in the trash, it contributes by sheep materials for environmental hazard. Protecting the environment is important. Now and in the future.

When it comes to the recycling of old cardboard boxes, used plastic bottles or cans, the population has been sensitized extensively. When discarded electrical appliances such as mobile phones, where careful preparation is important but missing from this very sensitivity of the population. However, the recycling of electronic waste is absolutely necessary in order to promote sustainable economic development.


Old cell phones are not only just so in a drawer gathering dust, and serve, they also take up a lot of space. Their disposal is mostly annoying and time-consuming because the products should be disposed of according to regulations. Only in this way the environment is not polluted and containing materials can be separated and recycled. More than 5,000 tons of spent phone lats come together annually – in Germany alone. 5000 tons of raw materials, which usually can never be used again, because they are not given for recycling.

Who else should at least an old cell phone to call his own, who can congratulate himself because he is a supplier of raw materials now. He therefore has the opportunity to dispose of the mobile phone or smartphone professionally and still make money. Through the sale of used equipment is an enormous contribution made to environmental protection. The earth’s resources are protected and reused materials used. The decision to sell old electronic devices such as smartphones, can therefore benefit not only your wallet but also our environment.

If you sell used cell phones like, this can easily be done online. There is not only functional and reconditioned units are purchased, even broken or already used cell phones are welcome. Depending on the model and condition of a prize is offered for the product can be sold. Even disposing of the matching accessories is possible. For selling the mobile phones are even money.

Broken phones are recycled responsibly and yet functional devices as needed for cheap money resold. accordingly it does not matter how the mobile phone is now just looks, it is definitely a use – even if it is only the professional, resource-efficient separation of various materials.