Those of Redmond did not stay quiet with mugs, shirts and caps featuring Microsoft Store to warn users to the risks of using the services of Google . Now, they have released a video where the protagonists of the series Pawn Stars participate.

In U.S. market, many brands are committed attack explicitly and directly the products and / or services from your competitor. Recall the case of Pepsi and Coca Cola in the soft ground. Microsoft , meanwhile, is making the most of this resource with an aggressive advertising campaign.

So Scroogled been under scrutiny services Gmail, Chrome and Android. The Redmond have not stopped missing a single opportunity to alert millions of people about the implications of opting for the services of Google . Is your argument? Users of Internet giant lack privacy.


Specifically, Microsoft warns that Google is dedicated to track data and information about each of its users to sell advertising. To do this, Microsoft Store offers a range of products (mugs, shirts, hats, etc.) with allusive phrases that lack of privacy.

“Stay calm while we steal your data” is one of the phrases that has gained popularity over the Scroogled campaign.
But Microsoft wants more. After producing a series of videos from Google, which curiously are posted on YouTube, has released a video starring the cast of Pawn Stars series.

The latest “prank” of technology shows a girl who comes to a pawnshop in Las Vegas, with the purpose of selling its Chrome book to get money to travel to Hollywood and become a famous actress. There, the shop keepers do no more than point out the flaws of the laptop.

“It’s just a fun piece of acts of unfair competition. We are told, for example, if you are using a Chrome book and no Wi-Fi, then it is almost a brick. And that Google reads all your information in the cloud in order to display advertisements, “tell from Forbes.