The new iPhone 5 will be the new ‘star’ of the ‘patent war’ started months between Samsung and Apple.

As Reuters reported, citing court documents of American justice, Samsung will include the new iPhone 5 in the list of Apple products accused of violating some of its patents. This can lead to a blockage in the distribution of the new iPhone.

Legal battle between Samsung and Apple

The two companies are involved in a bitter legal battle over intellectual property of various patented components. Apple has recently won a major victory over Samsung in federal court in San Jose, California, but the two companies have filed several lawsuits in different countries the world.

Samsung will include the iPhone 5 as Apple included the Galaxy S3

According to these documents cited by Reuters, Samsung anticipates “will include the iPhone 5 in the Apple litigation with this device to infringe several patents of the South Korean company, like its predecessors too involved.”


iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3: advertising war

But do not stay litigation in the courts, the war between Samsung and Apple is also present in advertising campaigns . The latest Samsung displays designed by the motto “do not be a genius,” a comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the new iPhone, which obviously the Apple device does not fare well.

The iPhone 5 begins the first phase of its launch

In another vein, the Cupertino company has started marketing its new iPhone 5 in various countries. For time reasons, the first users who might buy the new Apple smartphone Australians were followed by the Japanese. The new iPhone has also reached Europe specifically Germany, France and England while the September 28, in a second phase of the sale, the iPhone 5 will arrive in countries like Spain and Italy.

As is tradition when Apple releases some of its products to the market, the Apple Store in long lines formed, as in Sydney or Hong Kong where many users slept in the open in order to be the first to purchase the new iPhone. And the arrival of the new Apple smartphone is causing huge buzz. In recent days, the Cupertino company announced that reserves to buy the device have exceeded two million units in just 24 hours

Prices of Apple iPhone 5

As for prices , in France and in Germany, the price of the new iPhone 5 will be of 679 Euros free for 16 GB version, 789 Euros for the 32GB and the brand new iPhone 5 64GB will cost 899 Euro.